Message from a few years ago to the troops but just as important today as it was when recorded. 

ProPics Canada Photography is very proud of the men and women who serve in order to bring peace around the globe. 

"Without the brave men and women of the armed forces past and present, we would have no future" - J Cousineau, Photographer, Writer, Music Producer

Message from the musicians and support team making music for the troops. 

An inside look at Bryan Adams' Warehouse studio as musicians recorded the track, We Will Be There. The title track for the CD For The Troops. Track co-written by James Cousineau, Jim Abbott and E Rashig. Track and CD Produced by James Cousineau

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Making of We Will Be There CD by Independence for Independence. A CD made to benefit Canadian, American and British Soldiers injured in the line of duty in addition to the families of fallen soldiers. Order your CD from in either a CD format or as a downloadable MP3 CD. Support our troops and enjoy some amazing music. It covers Country, Pop, Rock, Metal and more. CD Produced by James Miller and title tracks written by James Miller and Eric Raschig. The photos in this clip are taken at the Warehouse Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia. The studio is owned by Bryan Adams. 

The Title Track "We Will Be There" 

Co-written by James Cousineau*, Jim Abbott and E Rashig. Performed by James Cousineau* and Independence for Independence 2009 at The Warehouse Studios Vancouver. Track & CD Produced by James Cousineau* 

*Formerly James Miller